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Pay no mind to the rabble

Go back to sleep...

26 May
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Welcome to Narplicity, a Naruto roleplaying community where crack and angst combine. This community was created when
a group of roleplayers (namely, your lovely mods) decided they wanted something where it was okay to be serious but
was still laid back enough to be crack.

Thus, Narplicity came into being.

Please check out the site for more info.

Warning!! There WILL be spoilers, most likely.
If you're uncomfortable with this, then we suggest you don't join or wait until you're caught up with everything.

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One day that loveable little guy Naruto had the misfortune of breaking a mirror. Seven years bad luck? I think not!
He ended up bringing "clones" (although a little different from the traditional Kage Bunshin no Jutsu) into Konoha
of many of the people there. The difference in these clones is that they are the alternate universe personalities
of the people. They are different from the traditional characters we have come to love in the most insane and cracked
out ways.
Examples? Another Sasuke could be from a place where Itachi DIDN'T kill the clan. An Iruka where he never lost his
parents. A Kakashi who never got sharingan. Even the supposedly dead characters can come back to life.

So welcome to Narplicity where the possibilities are as endless as our defiling of the anime/manga Naruto.

Where crack and angst go hand in hand...in hand...in hand...in hand...

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1.) Be OPENMINDED. This community allows and encourages yaoi, yuri, and heterosexual relationships between
characters. If you cannot accept that, then please, don't even try to join. There's really no point getting
yourself offended, right?
2.) There may be content that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 16. If you get corrupted or mentally
damanged from smut or language, don't blame us. We warned you!
3.) Similarly, if you have material you KNOW is too mature to be posted without a cut...then use a LJ cut. I
don't think old granny sitting next to little Billy at the public library wants to see porn (or she might, you
never know). Be kind to those who may have sensitive surroundings. Thanks.
4.) Be involved! If you are going on an extended absense or are having some trouble, we understand. Just give
us a warning that you'll be on leave for a time being, and we'll bid you farewell until you choose to return.
These notifications can be made by a simple LJ post to the community.
5.) IMPORTANT. There can be no more than 3 kind of every character. If there were 10 Kakashis running around,
it'd get way to confusing.
6.) Rule number 6? There is no rule number 6! Apparently counting is overrated and when these rules were first
written, number 6 was skipped out on. Poor number 6...
7.) Be tolerant of other RP styles. Not everyone has the same style as you. Consider it a learning experience.
However, even we have our limits. If you use chatspeak (unless it's for the development of a character and humor
purposes) u wil b removd. Kthnx.
8.) NO character bashing (unless its your own) or "shallow" reactions to characters. Kisame is beautiful in his
own way too, you know.
9.) If there should be any problems between you and other role players, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact one of
the mods. We are here to make sure that doesn't happen. The angst we allow is character to character only, not
to be had between the actual role-players. Why can't we all just get along?
10.) Only ONE of the characters out of the three can be IC. There wouldn't be more than one Kakashi that acts
like the canon Kakashi. To see if the character you're interested in is taken as IC or not, refer to the taken
character list.
11.) You MUST have AIM in order to be in Narplicity. This is how all of the characters communicate/interact/etc.
12.) Relax and have FUN! This is not meant to be stressful or to take away from your life. We KNOW you have a life.
Trust us, we sometimes have one too! If we notice you're getting too stressed about being involved or a lack
thereof, we might ask you to take a break (for your health, we assure you).

The mods reserve the right to create new rules at random, should the need arise. We also can kick you out or put you on
"time out" if we feel that you are in violation of any of these rules.

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Everyone must apply for each character through an e-mail with the required information to narplicity@hotmail.com.

Name: Real name or nickname.
Age: Your age, since this community isn't appropriate for certain ages.
LiveJournal Name: Your personal LiveJournal, not the name of the character or their journal.
E-Mail: A valid e-mail address that we can use for verification and communication.
Requested Character: the character you wish to RP as.
Is the Requested Character IC or OOC? So we can keep track of IC and OOC characters.
If OOC, What Changes Are You Making? We need to know, so we know if the example post is IC for them or not.
First Post Example: The first post for your character, to help determine whether or not you will be accepted.
Comments/Questions: Anything you wish to ask the Mods or any comments or information you wish us to know.

This information will remain confidential. We reserve the right to turn you down. Do not question it, but you are
certainly welcome to have an appeal. Your example post can be used as your first post to the community.

And, please DO NOT make a LiveJournal or AIM name until you are accepted.

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To see a list of taken characters, go Here.
Once you join, please go here for the Friends Add/Remove List.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Our community e-mail address is: narplicity@hotmail.com. Feel free to e-mail us anytime with any questions or complaints
you may have. We are pretty gentle creatures.

The Mods: jenken, ed77warr, fiendishnothing, and amoralambiguity

Happy RPing!!!

This community was officially created on January 3, 2006 by our lovely mods.